Flutter Firebase Integration:

For Mobile Apps for both Android and IOS, Firebase used as a backend means server less backend. In Flutter we are communicating with the Firebase and performing CRUD operations without using SQL Queries. This is the beauty of the flutter and Firebase. Using Firebase is free and Firebase improves the performance of the App. In Firebase  we are storing the data in json format.

Now in this tutorial we are learning to integrate Flutter with Firebase Database only. In coming example we will perform Firebase Database operations.

Follow the below steps to integrate Firebase with Flutter:

step1. First create a simple Flutter project as we all know that and run it using emulator.


Go to https://console.firebase.google.com  and login with your Email and Password

If you login first time it will show you below screen. click on get started.

It will show below screen with add project then click on add project 

Click on Add Project it will show below screen. Here enter any project name for me it is FBIntegrationTest  as shown below. Then accept terms and conditions and click on create project here it creates project. If you want to select the location then select your location whatever it is.  

when we click on create project above it will shows below screen

click on continue it will shows below screen.

In this tutorial first i am integration Android project and later on i will integrate IOS Project. we we select Android symbol above it will shows below screen. So here enter your package name. for my project my package name is : “com.example.testfirebaseconnection”, You will find your package name in your AndroidManifest.xml file and also you will find this in your App level build.gradle file. the package will be same for both Android and IOS.

And then click on register App. it will registers App with Firebase Database and Create A json file, Download this .json file and paste it inside your app folder as shown in below screen. and then click on next.

When we click on next button above it will shows below screen. In below screen copy the class path paste 

it into your project lavel : build.gradle file 

and apply plugin into your app level build.gradle file and then click on next

When we click on next in above screen it will shows below screen. At this time run your Flutter Application.

If  our Flutter App communicates with Firebase Database server it will shows below screen with a message that you have successfully added Firebase to  your app

Note: In this tutorial we are integration Firebase to our Android  Flutter App only. We are not performing any data exchange operations here means we are not performing any CRUD operations. 

We can integrate any flutter app with Firebase Database to test integration.

In coming tutorials we will going to perform Firebase Database operations.


Congratulations You have learned Integrating Firebase Database To Your  Flutter App….!!!

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